A review of our output: 
  • Sectioning of single-core, multicore, flat and coax cables, sheaths, etc.
  • Semi-automatic unsheathing and stripping
  • Semi-automatic seaming (leading brands: TYCO, MOLEX, JST, HIROSE but we can make applicators in a few days for other types of contacts)
  • Soldering
  • Creation of wiring from technical drawing, and assembly where applicable
  • Creation and assembly of small electric panels
  • Electrical test
  • Various types of mountings
  • Plastic moulding on d-sub connectors
  • Leak-proof dynamometer for seal control

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Products in detail

Image 1Products

A view on some of our products; please do not hesitate to contact us for any request

Image 1 Seaming

Seaming of contacts of leading brands: TYCO, MOLEX, AMP, JST

Image 1 Connectors

Moulding of d-sub connectors

Image 1 Dynamometers

Dynamometer for seaming traction and hold test, and printing of tests slip